Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gold Trend Technical Analysis; Gold further Decline to $991?

gold actually undergoing collapse phase, where on Monday 15 April 2013 trading yesterday, the price of gold to fall $160/troy onz, or 725% of the daily moving average. This means that the movement in accordance with Gold Trend Review; Support Lines Into ResistanceToday, while doing technikal analysis, gold has fallen back 160% of its daily average.

after drawing fibo or 
KG BS Balanceat the lowest price october 2008 ($681/troy onz) to highest price september 2011 ($1920/troy onz), I got a key support for subsequent gold price movements.

according to technical analysis using KG BS Balance, the price of gold is being taken to $1300/troy onz, to the position of Buyer-Seller balance (Balance BS), or price bargaining between buyer and seller, to determine the next trend.

if price able to hold around $1300/troy onz area, it is likely to go back up there, but if the price is more tend to playing in the area of ​​balance, then we will see a dramatic show, the price of gold will freefall towards selling balance $991/troy onz.

really a sizable losses for bullion investors, if not sooner aware of this situation, while the online traders still have the opportunity to profit from 50:50 floating gold price.(abi)

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