Monday, April 15, 2013

Gold Trend Review; Support Lines Into Resistance

Gold Trend Review; Support Lines Into Resistance
turned out penetrated price movements demand area has been defined, the range of 1477-1462 levels, so that the area has now turned into a supply.

yearly TF, the condition medium down trend
quarterly TF, the condition is strong down trend
monthly TF, the condition is strong down trend.

The third is based on the time frame, it can be concluded that the price of gold is experiencing its worst decline.

it certainly raises the question for investors gold bullion, is this a sign of the collapse of the gold sheen, or just some sort of profit-taking, the bullish price of the last few years.

for online gold traders, this is certainly not an issue, because they can always benefit from any price movement of gold, up or down. unless the person is no longer trade gold online.

if the range of 1477-1462 levels actually serves as a supply or resistance area, possibility will continue to decline even further to $ 1200-1000/troy onz, who knows?

Essentially, do not dwell on this overview, focus day trading is still observed daily movement, and trading is appropriate ongoing trend. (abi)

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